New Illumination: testimonials

New illumination Special mention again for the terrific lightshow. It could not be faulted all three nights If only the band could bring this stuff and staff on regular tours....

Best moment for me was 'Somewhere Else', amazing song. H's voice was amazing, the sound was perfect, the lights amazing!!!

visually the band has never looked so good. Brilliant lights. Marillion

New illumination As noted above, the sound was clean and crisp, and the lighting design the best I've ever seen from them -- wonderfully dramatic and evocative without blinding us balcony dwellers as in years past (seriously -- big-time kudos to the LD for that). Canada convention 2013
New illumination Truly the best light man in the business, take a bow Yenz Nyholm Andi Wright Photographer, Montreal
New illumination He'll do something like this for you. Awesome work at the Marillion Weekend sir, truly stunning Tim Sidwell, director Toward Infinity video production


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